Shipping, Local Pick up, Handling & Combining Policies

All Pre-buy purchases MUST be purchased separate then a in stock item. If this happens we will wait for last item to be in stock before shipping all items. If you want shipped separately it will be an additional shipping charge. 

SHIPPING - Our Primary Shipping Carrier is UPS. They are usually cheaper and we are able to refund any shipping differences to each customer. Also, If your order is over $100 we will automatically choose UPS because we have coverage on your packages through UPS and can file a claim if your order becomes damaged or lost. USPS DOES NOT reimburse over $100.

If you do not want us to use UPS for your order, please leave a note in your cart stating you want USPS used. 

Our Handling time can be 1-3 days. SO when paying for 2 day shipping please understand that once it is in shipping vendors hands it is 2 day for them to get to you.  We try to ship orders within 2-5 business days, holidays, incoming shipping days and sales can cause delays please check with us if you need something sent out within a certain time frame, we do have rush handling.

*All packages go out Monday-Friday. UPS picks up between 12:30-3:30. USPS is dropped off daily at 3:00. They do not pick up or get dropped off on the weekends. 

IF you pick first class  at shipping please note this does have tracking and we are not responsible for the package after it is in shipping vendors hands and there is no insurance for these packages. 

While we strive to protect your items to the best of our ability, sometimes the shipping service can damage or lose them. In the event of that happening, we do not file the insurance claims, please contact the shipping service to start your claim. If you look in your order a tracking number will be posted.

We will cancel your order with a 10% fee. This helps us keep our prices lower with out losing money in the future. You can only cancel a order before it is processed. We do not cancel or refund any delayed or already shipped items.

COMBINING - We advise to use the notes in your cart to combine orders, hold orders or any other messages you think we need as far as that specific order needs/has. We always check them! You can always send an email with any changes ( that may need to happen and if we can help we will. But the notes in your order is always the best route!  If you place an order and remember you need to order more things and it is within the same day and before 2pm (that is when pick up occurs) place another order and put a note ("please combine with order number xxxxx") We will combine them and refund the difference in shipping

*Free shipping offers - When free shipping is offered during a sale, this is the cheapest shipping possible for your order. If you would like to upgrade and pay the difference for a specific service you are more than welcome to do so. We will contact you should this apply to your order. 

Shipping Charges - While we strive to keep our products at a low cost, we also strive to keep shipping costs at a minimum. We refund the difference in shipping, typically within the week. However, If you think the shipping is high for that order PLEASE leave a note to check for the shipping cost and if you want a lower cost and don't mind the longer delivery time, please put that in the note as well. We will not change your choice of delivery carrier if the timeframe for delivery is longer because we don't know your timeline for your projects and don't want to interfere with that, so if there is no note, we will not change it to a slower method. (The orders that are under 1lb can go to a cheaper method, it just takes a day or two longer) 

Local Pick Ups: Please choose local pick up at check out, however if you can not pick up during business hours please leave a note in your cart that you would like your order left outside the bay door on the pick up station. There will be a sign above the pick up rack. Please wait for your email pick up notification to ensure we have ample time to get your order ready. We try to have it ready within the hour. thank you

USE YOUR NOTES. Located in the cart! We appreciate each and every order and take none for granted. We look forward to helping you with your projects. 

We Ship using USPS and UPS.