About Us

Hello, welcome to RTS sublimation with Tamara. Let me give you a little back story. My husband and I are both disabled vets. I run a personalization business and wanted more cups for my dollar so I decided ordering in bulk was my best option but I do not need 500 of the same cup at once so I want to share the savings with others. I am just 1 person along with my husband who does not work and our daughter who is a teenager so some days she helps and others it’s best if she does not get in my way. Lol. I pay for the cups up front with my own money so things stay kinda tight for the time being. I can only order more when I have saved up enough from sales to place the next order so if I am running short on something u want I am sorry. I am hoping that through this 1st year we will get ahead of where we need to be and will be able to keep more on hand. I am mostly focused on the cups because they are not really offered by anyone but big companies for more money but once in a while I may try some smaller things. Thank you for visiting my page, placing orders and coming back for more once you realize how fantastic these cups are.

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