Tumbler Case Discounts and Subscriptions

We currently offer case discounts on all single cases purchased. (already discounted)

And now we are doing a multiple case discount for our 20oz White Skinny Straight Tumblers. (a discount on a discount, yaay)

Buy 2 Cases for $500

Buy 3 Cases for $725

 (Clickable Links Above)

If you need more than 3 please send an email to 

rtssublimationtumblers@gmail.com, we will be more than happy to help. 


** NEW** Subscriptions 

We now have subscription prices for those of you who would like to be on "auto ship". We have also added a discount (yes another case discount!!) to those who would like to take advantage of this great service.  We do ask that you at least complete one subscription offer to receive this discount. 

Example. Subscribe to Monthly shipment of one case and first case goes out today. The first auto ship happens on the same day every month. Once the first auto ship is complete you can cancel the subscription at any time before the second auto ship is being sent out and you will be able to rejoin the subscription option at any time. 

*Coupons can not be combined with subscription orders. We will cancel the order if the coupon code is added.*

If there is anything you would like to be added to the subscription option please send us an email and we can work with you. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Subscription for 20oz skinny white click here

Subscription for 20oz skinny glow click here